Pages 26 and 27: issue 1 - Kokotomo
8th Oct 2014, 12:00 AM in Issue 1 - Kokotomo
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Pages 26 and 27: issue 1 - Kokotomo
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Double-pager because I missed a day in there.

There's a reason Flame Thrower and Heat have similarities: when I originally came up with the characters, Heat (then called "Flame 'Min"--I was in fifth grade, so that sounded like a good name at the time) was Flame Thrower's son. Now, no relation. Heck, they're around the same age now.

And Rearranger is powerful. Really, he's my most powerful character. It's evidenced in his name: he rearranges subatomic particles. Or, in this case, can disintegrate something entirely by breaking up the molecules and atoms that make it up.