Pages 40 and 41: issue 1 - Kokotomo
31st Oct 2014, 12:00 AM in Issue 1 - Kokotomo
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Pages 40 and 41: issue 1 - Kokotomo
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Author Notes:
Yes, the bottom middle panel doesn't show the characters, but Bolt and Sucrosa do kind of want their privacy, and I won't show what they're doing. Use your imagination. Anyways, this is the Defenders of America fantasies. Ish. American Cowboy is clearly just taking things in, after all. For a lot, they just wanted to relax, after all.

This is a part of the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper
User comments:
Good to see the team having a good time at Kokotomo!
Wonder Super is looking for a bit of... err... companionship?
*scurries off to see about making that happen... stops to wonder where Andrew is going to find all the time he's going to need for various hookups... cackles with glee*
Good to see each get the fantasies come true they might have :)