Page 7: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
12th May 2015, 12:00 AM in Issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Page 7: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Author Notes:
He's back! While Wonder Team faced and defeated Dracula the only other time I used him, I knew how I could bring him back. Considering the focus of this issue, it's easy to discern he has a connection to D'Vlish, but unlike Supertrans, he seems to be still in full control of his facilities.

Also, the reason for that hair coming from his hand? That's actually a detail I forgot in the Wonder Team appearance. In the novel, he was described as having hairy palms, and while I'm sure it was fine hair or the like, sometimes I like to go over the top. Also, I changed his mustache a bit to make it look more like Vlad the Impaler's. At least I acknowledge a different look with what TNT says.

And also, this is a page of the comic with none of the characters native to said comic. Interesting, I'd say. Tomorrow has the same situation, though it'll be different in its own right, anyways...