Pages 20 and 21: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
3rd Jun 2015, 12:00 AM in Issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Pages 20 and 21: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Author Notes:
Lettering this page, I realized the last page with D'Vlish I forgot to do her text bubbles right (red text and border, black fill). I may fix that.

Anyways, Dracula shows that he isn't down yet. Considering he's actually proving difficult to take down, one can wonder how the heroes will fare against D'Vlish and those she brought with her along with him.

Also, don't worry about Whallop here. He's not going to be seriously injured. Though I may make it clear on the next page.
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