Pages 26 and 27: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
10th Jun 2015, 12:00 AM in Issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Pages 26 and 27: issue 2 - D'Vlish Attacks
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Author Notes:
Don't you hate it when your own character doesn't obey your orders? Really, neither Amber or George are thinking fully here, as George has a lot he can take advantage of at the moment. But, heat of battle and all that.

But now I think you've basically seen all of Split's costume. Interesting, isn't it? Quite a hodgepodge, asymmetrical, kind of garish, but I love it. To me it just works for Amber (not so much for George, but while he's housed in it, it's not actually his body) and I always love the bright colors comics can do.
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Getting pretty intense!